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The "Shalom" Foundation
of Beregszász/Berehove

Plan to attend the Holocaust Conference to be held 16-19 June 2019 at the Uzhhorod University.

Plan to attend the Berehove Conference 20-23 June 2019 at the Hungarian University.

Announcement: Click the Beregszasz Holocaust memorial photos, then increase them in size to read the names inscribed on the memorial.

Photo 1 | Photo 2
Announcement: We are happy to announce that all of the tombstones found in the Beregszász / Berehove cemetery have been photographed and transcribed and can now be viewed on the Berehove KehilaLink web site. Once you are viewing the web site, click the "Tombstones" tab at the top of the page. Click HERE.
In Memorium: With great sadness, we annonounce the passing of Artist Judy Cassab who died in Sydney, Australia.


The Charitable Foundation "Shalom" was created in Berehove (Beregszász), Ukraine on 21 June 2000, in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, based upon a meeting between the founders.

The Foundation was registered by the Ukraine Justice Department on 4 July 2000 with a certificate of state registration number 06.

The Foundation was established to provide for charitable and philanthropic assistance, and pursue social, charitable, educational, historical, and other socially useful purposes for the Jewish history preservation in Transcarpathia (Zakarpatt'ya).

We appeal to all former residents and others with an ancestral connection to Beregszász, to support our projects. Those wishing to participate in the charitable activities of the Foundation, please contact us for further details and possible financial assistance.

former Beregszász Grand Synagogue

Beregszász Cemetery gate
Beregszász Orthodox Synagogue

Recent Announcements

  • Status of Beregszász Cemetery restoration
    Over a five year period, the Beregszász Cemetery was restored and remains in wonderful condition. Funds are needed for continuing maintenance of the cemetery and restoration needed by any matsievot (Tombstones).

  • Restoration of the Beregszász Orthodox (Small) Synagogue
    In conjunction with donations, and with partial financial support by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the roof has been totally replaced. Work is now progressing on the interior of the sanctuary. Additional funds are needed for completion of all the necessary work to complete this project.

  • Establishment of a Museum of Sub-Carpathian Jewry
    Plans are underway to establish a museum in Berehove to house artifacts left behind by the Jewish population deported in 1944 and after leaving Sub-Carpathia after 1945. If you have an artifact you can donate to memorialize your family, please contact us.

  • Memories of Sub-Carpathian Jewish life post-WWII
    We would love to receive any narratives, testimonies, audio or video recordings, etc., made by your loved ones who lived in Sub-Carpathia after 1945.

  • Facebook Discussion and Meeting Point Groups
    Facebook provides everyone the ability to engage, chat and share information of interest to all with a connection to Sub-Carpathia. The groups are by region and there is a general disussion group. Following are links to the available groups you may be interested in joining (free):

  • Thank you in advance for your support and contribution.

Financial Goal Status:

Project Percent Complete Percent Funded
Cemetery Maintenance 80% 50%
Synagogue Restoration 85% 75%
New Museum 65% 65%

The "Shalom" Foundation Board:

Name Country
Joseph Vays - Chairman USA
Hugo Gutman USA
Ferenc Alter Hungary
Bernat Hoffman Israel
Yizhakh Adler Israel
Ernő Goldberger Ukraine
Gyuszi Richter (deceased) Ukraine
Tibor Weisz USA
Icu Kerber USA
Marshall Katz USA


Erika Togyeriska- General Manager
Ernő Goldberger - Deputy
László Bazyuk - Manager
Gábor Meggyesi - member
György Majorosi - member

Interjú Vays Joseph:

(Move your mouse over the video window, and then click the arrow; Next, click the button to view the video full screen to read the subtitles.)